Research areas

  • Text of culture (literature / autobiographical / historical / visual) as a medium of collective and individual memory.
  • Topographies of memory and postmemory.
  • Literature imagology. Auto- and Heterostereotypes at German-Polish borderlands.
  • Constructions (and deconstructions) of self- and collective identities in borderlands texts.
  • Constructions of Self and Othering. Constructions of “consciousness of borderland” / “experience of borderland”.
  • Relations center-periphery in the context of borderlands’ “memory communities”.
  • Processes of shaping collective memory after 1989 in the context of German-Polish cultural borderland.
  • Dialogisation of memory. Text of culture as a dialog between diverse memory narratives.
  • Spaces of interculturalism in borlerlands text and its translation.
  • Travel writing
  • Literary-cultural tourism in the Polish-German borderland.

The research will also be conducted from a comparative perspective, in relation to individual social-cultural groups  within communities expelled from the borderland (inter alia descendants of Prussian nobility and German Jews/Jewish Germans), as well as within indigenous communities (Kashubians, Silesians and Masurians) and communities of immigrants into the cultural Polish-German borderland  after 1945 (inter alia Kresy-people, Ukrainians, from central Poland). Comparative research of other cultural borderlands is also planned.